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Why We Became Hemp Farmers and Processors

It's time to start telling the world a little bit more about what we've got going on at Boltz to Nutz Farm.

We've recently been posting photos of the construction work underway at the farm as well as a few photos of lovely hemp flowers nearing harvest.

Well, it turns out the new building will serve three main purposes, one of which will be a processing center where we convert hemp flowers and biomass into CBD / CBG oils, tinctures, capsules and other products.

This begs the question of why we have become hemp farmers and are becoming processors and I'm going to use this post to start answering that question.

The short answer - which I will flush out over time - is that I have personally been using CBD and CBG to treat some of the issues I have as a result of my spinal cord injury and paralysis. I've used this for issues like neuropathy, spasticity and peripheral nerve pain.

Over the last couple years I have replaced dangerous and toxic medications with plant extracts including CBD and CBG and I have found things for which CBD or CBG work for me and those for which they do not.

All this coming from the standpoint of a scientist where I need to understand and be able to explain mechanisms for action.

So I'll start with my first lesson about CBD:

Don't waste money on CBD Isolate.

In all of my experience CBD is basically a useless substance without the so called "entourage effect" which is where the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes is needed to get the medicinal effect from CBD. While this isn't entirely understood, it is shown in peer-reviewed studies that the effects of CBD are unreliable as an isolated cannabinoid.

So if you decide to try CBD, always use a "full spectrum" or even better "whole plant" extract, but be wary of products labeled "Hemp Oil" or "Hemp Tincture" as these often have zero CBD. It's very easy to make hemp oil with no CBD so if the product doesn't state how much CBD it has, don't buy it for the CBD.

Next time I'll give a quick overview of the various ways in which CBD is extracted from hemp as well as the benefits and potential problems of the various methods.

Have a question about CBD? Let us know.

Extracting Cannabidiol (CBD)