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Why Biodiverse?

Why did Boltz to Nutz choose Biodiverse (or regenerative) agriculture over Organic agriculture? Good question, tough answer. On the surface, both practices seem basically the same however there are differences. USDA Certified Organic is a standard for food production only. It does not consider good land management techniques or restoration. 

While USDA organic certified farms cannot use most synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, they are still able to employ their use. For B2N, our approach is to not use any herbicides or pesticides but rather we rely on trap crops, co-cropping, predator insects and animals such as bats, birds, snakes and opossums to keep out pests down and flame treating, removal and vinegar for weed management. 

One of our big projects here is soil restoration. That means increasing our drainage so our soil microorganisms can thrive and keep the soil healthy. B2N uses cover crops to break up the soil and allow aeration that is then tilled into the soil for green manure. Cover crops also restore chemical balance to the soil that is depleted during the growing season. And quite frankly, crimson clover and hairy vetch are darn pretty plants and they attract pollinators. This past fall we planted crimson clover, cereal rye, hairy vetch and daikon radish in our southwest field and other locations. It germinated and then the roots grew over the winter and early spring, breaking up the soil and added nutrients like nitrogen. Now that it is warmer, they are growing above ground, photosynthesizing and continuing to add nutrients. They will be cut and tilled into the soil for green manure in May or June.

Biodiverse, or regenerative, agriculture is about land stewardship and doing the right things for the environment and for all the life on the farm. We are committed to making the land better and leaving a better place for the future.

-Yvonne, Chief Nut

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